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Cyber Soda : New fanlistings!

Lalala, yes, more new fanlistings~ I was lucky enough to be chosen to own the Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 fanlisting. I was also fortunate enough to adopt the Tora (alice nine.) fanlisting from the amazing and kind Lis :) You can find both of them below :'3

As a side note, have I mentioned how much I hate databases and scripts and the like? because I don't understand them Trying to import Tora's 345 members was hell xD;

But is okay because I'm happy and have new fanlistings~
  • 7doll : new layout! :D

Yup. So I got bored with the other. Somehow, it annoyed me that the main image didn't transition into the background cleanly enough for me but I was too lazy to go in and fix said issue. So somehow, I made a new layout instead? I make no sense -.-;

And therefore, I made some new link-back buttons :) Click to see the new layout~! :D

I've wanted to use this image for a very, very long time and I finally figured out what to do with it :)

un-real.ity has been updated accordingly :3 It's also been updated with all of the new fansite/fanlisting layouts I've created since the end of July c:
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Lots o' updates~

Hello my muffins~! My creative steam has not yet run out on me - but it's slowing down a bit to a more normal pace xD Let's seeeee... blah, I'll make a list for organizational purposes :P

- one new website is in the works called Firebrand. For Lavi of D.Gray-man :P Its not ready to be officially announced just yet though, so I won't post the link just yet. Though its not that hard to find if you really want to see it xD

- SMILE.Syndrome has a new layout with a freakin' adorableeeee image of Yamayu I found sitting in my mass of images. I'm planning on adding some character analyses to the site sometime soon :P It was also re-approved to be the Yamayu fanlisting yeeeey~ :'D

- Featherdance has a new, lovely piece of fanart by the amazing dubiousdisc :D It is also now affiliated with dubiousdisc's Spark Needle and akushiro's Master That! Hardcore Pokemon fans biyotches.

- I'm really getting back into the fanlisting thing, especially now that I finally figured out Enthusiast through much trial and error. Last time I updated, I had... two fanlistings. And now I have nine :x I'm only applying for subjects that I absolutely completely fall-over-dead love (I even passed up applying for the Nuriko fl, sense my determination! xD) These are the new ones~

- has two amazing new affiliates are you guys crazy I suck xD; Anise of and Dubiousdisc of! Bahahaha Pokemon nerds like me xD Love it~!

- Harienju also has some updates but you can find out more about that shiznit at hari_enju :3

Annnnd that's all for now :D I'm sure I'll forget something and have to edit the post later though, as always xD; Lalala ramble~
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Featherdance : ANOTHER new site! xD;

Firs tof all, there are two things that always refuse to work for me: my own goddamn webhost, and now livejournal. I tried to post this last night but got nothin'.

Hello again my lovelies :'D It seems my kick is still not over yet :x Am I complaining? Hell no. Because this design kick also involves in creating content - yes, actual content other than media! :D

So I decided to admit to my nerd-dom and whip up a Falkner (Pokemon) fansite :x

So that link might not actually take you to the website yet since my webhost SUCKS and is having constant downtime issues and won't update the goddamn nameservers (it wouldn't bother me if this didn't happen multiple times every MONTH) which I guess includes subdomain name creation.

So for now, if that doesn't work, click here, I guess :/ And that excellent artwork on that button up there? I can't find it any bigger than that, otherwise I would have made the layout with it :( SADFAYCE. So yeeeeees, a Pokemon website xD Falkner/Hayato specific :x Because I had such a crush on him when I first got my Silver version xD;

In other news, I figured out Enthusiast for my fanlistings yeeeeeeeey! :D Its about goddamn time, I'm pretty slow with this stuff. Toodles for now then, my dears~!
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Reticentia : New site! xD;;

Hello again! Where have I been for the past few days? Why, over here, making this website! :D

It's Reticentia! :D

Its for Fran from Final Fantasy XII :x I knooooow I had other sites in mind, but... well, I realized my domain was a sausage fest, guys. And that I have so few favorite female characters. So I decided to make a small site for one of my favorite female characters :)

Bahahaha another favicon, this time in the form of a bow and arrow <3

Hmmmm. Should I ask the lovely people at Amassment what they think? :x I'm kind of nervous to since I just joined ohandalsoisuckatthis ^.^;
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7doll : Finally~! :'D

So remember that art site I wanted to get working on? No, because it was just way too long ago? Well, I will refresh your memories right now with... the finished product! I figured sine I'm on a huge design kick, I might as well work on some of my own things. So, I did... again~ :'D

I've spent the entirety of the last two days working on this, and I still don't think I've gathered all of the art I have strewn about x.x; And I figured out how to use a lightbox, not that it was incredibly difficult... at all :x I'm honestly completely in love with the layout, which sounds pretty damn conceited if I do say so myself~ Yaaaay I'm so happy its finished~ One of these days, I'll buy just for this website~ ♥

I am a color fiend lately mwahahaha.

Fufufufu thanks to these adorable favicons, I think my pixel art skills are improving~ xD

By the way, an amazing new affiliate managed to find her way to both and Cyber Soda~ This means a great deal to me because I've been admiring her work for a while now :x It'll be fun getting to know you, Kula~!

Now to continue to fight the overwhelming urge to replay FF8 while working on things ♥

edit: Durhurrr I also made a new layout for Cyber Soda. It is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever made in my life. Enjoy xD

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burn&rave : Revamp!

Hello! So guess what I've been doing for the past two... three?... days! xD;

Say hello to the brand shiny new burn&rave!

Its true! I decided to finally get off of my butt and finish that fansite I've been putting off since 2008 :) Its not exactly finished, more like 80% completed (the relationships content isn't there yet... or written yet) but the rest of it is done! I'm so proud of myself right now bahahahaha xD; andItotallymadeahotdogfaviconforitfufufu~

I'm getting pretty tired of working on it right now though, so I think I'll stop here for now :x

I got so far with it because I decided I can't work on any new fansites until the ones I have are more or less completed. So now... now I have to work on all the content of my Ulquiorra one that I've also been putting off :x

Then AFTER that, I can work on new ones.

I was thinking of making one for my favorite twins, Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru. This requires me to reread/rewatch Ouran.

I was also thinking of making one for Quatre :x Of whom I love and just realized that I missed the time frame when his fanlisting was open gaaaaaah T.T

But yes. Still feeling very creative :x
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Yup. It's true. I'm making an addition to the network. THIS IS SO UNREAL GAIZ.

This is un-real.ity! :D Its really actually not anything special. Its just a layout archive so I have something to reference or some such thing. Its purely for organizational purposes. And by organizational purposes I mean a glorified layout archive. And by that I mean a reason to use this layout design for SOMETHING personal xD;

I also was approved for a couple of fanlistings. I really need to figure out some type of fanlisting script. Scripts. They kill me pretty dead. Ugh blargh x.x
Black Market: for the Japanese band Born.
.RE//birth: for the video game series .hack//G.U.

I recently discovered how to make favicons. And I'm making them like crazy xD; You'll see them around the network if you're exploring it xD

I'm still angsting after the domain name Blah, to not have $15 to my name to buy it... xD I will soon, hopefully! xD; I also sort of really want and, but not as much as I want ensatsu back :x Blargh I suck ♥

Anywhooooo, I guess that's it for now :x I'm going to get to work on a casual art website soon, so look forward to it I guess! xD;
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Version 004

Look guys! I broke my habit of updating once a year by updating once after TWO years! I'm well on my way to breaking the habit :3 I'm doing some revamping and some much needed so-called spring cleaning. I am a master at making websites and then doing nothing with them! :D The ones I clear out will have their layouts put up on Harienju for the downloadingz. Unless I love them too much, then they're mine >.> Expect lots of cleaning and such! ♥