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Hello! This is me, trying to remember everything I've worked on for the network lately. I'm probably going to forget a few things xD However, and its links page have been given new layouts! In addition to that,'s network page has been reworked somewhat. It now lists active sites, inactive sites, and works in progress separately. There are a few new projects added to the list, and some that were live have been moved to that section though they are still up.

- Cyber Soda: I've made a few new layouts for some of the fanlistings I own. A New World for FFXIII-2's Noel and Hope and Extraordinary for alice nine.'s Tora. I was also approved for the Mai Kuraki fanlisting which I have named Believe - ready for members! :)

- Glacial Doll: received minor updates including the addition of a "links out" page in order to link to more Bleach-related sites.

- Nephologic: has been granted an in depth look at Hibari during the Varia Arc. This one page took me like five hours, so enjoy it! x.x I will also be adding in a links out page after this like what was added to Glacial Doll. Oh! And there are two new wallpapers in he media section :)

- un-real.ity: has been updated accordingly with all of the new layouts.

To Do list:
- Finish Nephologic's last three pages.
- Add character analyses to SMILE.Syndrome.
- Airwing content.
- *re-mixx content.
- Firebrand content.
- Just Tonight content.
- New Featherdance layout.
- Personal site (buy new domain name!)

As you can see from my to-do list, I want to get a new domain for all of my personal sites, like 7doll (though ultimately I'd want to get this one it's own .com) and un-real.ity. It would probably be just another glorified directory, but I'm crazy about the name I have picked out. I would also like to split up eventually, separating the music & culture/game/anime based subjects onto their own specific domains of which I have names picked out. I have enough fansites to do that, I'm sure x.x So I guess it would be like this: - music/j-culture
- SMILE.Syndrome
- Cyber Soda
- Harienju

secret name - anime domain
- Nephologic
- Glacial Doll
- Firebrand
- *re-mixx
- Hatsuharu project
- YYH/Hiei project

secret name - game domain
- Airwing
- Featherdance
- Just Tonight
- burn&rave
- Reticentia

secret name - personal domain
- Inorganique
- Fenetre
- 7doll
- un-real.ity

As usual I have unrealistic goals :) And has anyone noticed that the majority of my favorite characters have H names? Hitsugaya, Hibari, Hitachiin twins, Hiei, Hatsuharu, Hope Estheim. Seriously, so many H names = so many H subdomains! x.x
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