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Hello my nubbins! And how are all of you lately? I'm here to mark my productivity! :D I made a new layout for featuring my favorite musician of all time, Satoshi of girugamesh! :) I also made a new layout for Cyber Soda featuring an older image of Kaoru from Dir en grey :) Badassery is afoot.

I was approved for a couple of fanlistings since the last update :)

un-real.ity was updated accordingly with all of the new layouts, including the new ones I made for the Born and Wolfram von Bielefeld fanlistings.

As for actual content productivity, I did a shitload of work on Nephologic!! :D I just have four more sections to do in the Story Arcs. You know, the super in depth ones that will take forever xD So I did eight sections for the website and made 16 icons which can be found in the media section :)

Yaaaaay productivity!! :D
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