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Fanlistings + Layout Archive

Hey dudes! It's been a while. My productivity has declined as I suspected it would :( But I did spend a good portion of today uploading alllllll layouts since I think August to un-real.ity. That includes one Cyber Soda layout, two fansite layouts (Glacial Doll and one for my Hibari work-in-progress, Nephologic), and I think 17 fanlisting layouts. Yeah. So 20 layouts in all have been archived xD

These are my recent fanlisting approvals and adoptions :) In order of older to newer :)

Since I'm sick, I might spend some time making random additions for Hari or a new layout for Dunno yet. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on stuff like that since I'm anxiously waiting to hear back about KHR!Mukuro, FFXIII-2 Noel, Yeul, and Noel x Hope x.x

-feebly noms on M&Ms-
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