November 22nd, 2011

  • 7doll

A boatload of updates and additions! :)

Oh dear Glob, this may take a while. Let's see, since my last update...

- Cyber Soda got a new layout featuring Lavi and Kanda since I'm an over-obsessed freak :) I'm still not sure how I feel about the layout but I'm too lazy to worry about it now :) I got quite a few fanlistings to add to the network! :D I was approved for some and the Urahara one was adopted to me. Its not finished yet because I'm waiting to receive the old members list, but I'll post it anyway :D In the order I got them:

I was also approved for the Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: de la Stella, Fuuta fanlisting which is currently in progress :) Also, Contrast, my Hatori x Ayame fanlisting is now affiliates with Three Musketeers :D

- Featherdance received a new affiliate! :D Welcome Godfather~

- also has a new affiliate! :) We've been affiliates for a while, but I'm only now updating so here's a fancy button plug for the amazing Aku :D

And because I have no brain, here is a checklist for myself.
- work on that secret thing.
- work on Wild Card's basic and in depth content.
- work on Firebrand's content.
- update Harienju :x
- work on character analyses for SMILE.Syndrome.
- other things that I can't remember now because I have no brain at all.

I can't remember if there's anything else ;x