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Holy Update! Everstone + New Layouts + Fanlistings + Affiliate!

How is everyone!? It's been a long time, hasn't it? But just because I haven't posted any updates here doesn't mean nothing's been updated! I'll try to post everything that's been done here, but since it's been so long, I might miss a few things! Here's everything that I can remember.

I've made new layouts for jinkaku.org, skyremix.org (though technically, there was another one I hadn't posted before this one, but whatevs), and Unreality (the layout archive). I've also created a new website, Everstone, my Pokemon collective. Also, the Moi dix Mois and Yanagishita Tomo fanlistings have received facelifts.

In other news, I have been approved for/adopted quite a few fanlistings since the last update.

Phew! I think that's all of them. Yikes. So, jinkaku.org has a new affiliate! I'm happy to meet Samantha and look forward to getting to know her better.

And that's all for now! I think. :x I have big plans in store, however, so look forward to more! I should probably get my butt in bed now xD;;
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Skyremix.org unveiling!

Yaaaay, it's about damn time I finished it up! :D I present to you my brand new fanlisting collective on it's own shiny domain! :) I'm super excited to have it finished, it took me a lot of finagling with Enthusiast for it to look good enough xD

However, with the birth of skyremix.org comes the death of Cyber Soda. It was online for seven years, and I will miss it dearly :( The layout archive was updated accordingly with this new addition, as well as the new layout I made for SMILE.Syndrome yesterday.
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Featherdance + Satoshi FL + SMILE.Syndrome updates!

Hello nuggets! I'm back from the hospital, so these updates are like a week late, but before I went there, this is what I did :) I made a new layout for Revolution! the Satoshi of girugamesh fanlisting. I also was just finishing up a new layout for Featherdance, my Falkner fansite, right before I found myself in the ER. Click on the images to go check them out :)

Also, when I was heavily drugged when I got home today, I decided to finally get to work on some character analyses for some of Yamamoto Yusuke's characters over at SMILE.Syndrome. Holy shit, right!? I'm pretty excited about getting to work on some more :) I finished up Suou Tamaki of Ouran High School Host Club, Azuma Wataru of Tumbling, Fudo Masashi of RESCUE, and Kawabe Eiji of Taiyou to Umi no Kyoushitsu, so 4 so far! There's also 13 new icons over there as well. I'm using one right now durhurhurhur~ Fun tiemz! :)
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New layouts + Fanlistings + Project sneak peeks!

Hullo again everyone. It seems that, while resting and on mega painkillers, I have gotten a burst of inspiration for layouts. I discovered new resource sites today, so while I was fooling around with their wares, I made a new layout for jinkaku.org and pop*rocks, the Miyavi fanlisting :) Click the thumbnail images below to see them.

I am rather proud of both of them :) I also managed to pump out three separate fanlistings for my new approvals. You can see them below:

I've updated the layout archive with everything so far.

I've been working on a couple of other projects as well while in bed, and here's some sneak peeks of them :)

One will definitely be finished by the end of this month, though I want to have two done by that deadline :) Anyway, I think that's it for now. See you later! :)
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Firebrand + Hitsugaya + fanlistings

Hello everyone! I just got back from vacation the day before yesterday, and somehow being at the beach really gave me back some of my inspiration. I know that jinkaku.org is kind of a mess right now, but I plan on working on a new layout for it soon. In the mean time...

I am proud to announce that Firebrand is officially open for business! It's been on my project list for quite some time, and when amassment's One Page, One Month Marathon came around, it was the perfect opportunity to get something other than premade graphics done for the site.

I was getting tired of Glacial Doll's look... and it's name. So I decided to rename the site to Hailstorm and made it a brand new layout, a MUCH needed improvement :D

As for Cyber Soda, I purchased skyremix.org which is going to be my new fanlisting collective. I'm having trouble with Enthusiast displaying the collective's statistics, so it's still a work in progress. In the mean time, I was approved for a few fanlistings and adopted two others from the amazing Lis :)

I was also recently approved for the fanlistings for ViViD, Moi Dix Mois, and Hotohori, so expect to see those soon! :)

un-real.ity was updated accordingly with the new layouts :) Annnnnnd I think that's it! :)
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jin.org + fls + nephologic + layouts + glacial doll

Hello! This is me, trying to remember everything I've worked on for the network lately. I'm probably going to forget a few things xD However, jinkaku.org and its links page have been given new layouts! In addition to that, jin.org's network page has been reworked somewhat. It now lists active sites, inactive sites, and works in progress separately. There are a few new projects added to the list, and some that were live have been moved to that section though they are still up.

- Cyber Soda: I've made a few new layouts for some of the fanlistings I own. A New World for FFXIII-2's Noel and Hope and Extraordinary for alice nine.'s Tora. I was also approved for the Mai Kuraki fanlisting which I have named Believe - ready for members! :)

- Glacial Doll: received minor updates including the addition of a "links out" page in order to link to more Bleach-related sites.

- Nephologic: has been granted an in depth look at Hibari during the Varia Arc. This one page took me like five hours, so enjoy it! x.x I will also be adding in a links out page after this like what was added to Glacial Doll. Oh! And there are two new wallpapers in he media section :)

- un-real.ity: has been updated accordingly with all of the new layouts.

To Do list:
- Finish Nephologic's last three pages.
- Add character analyses to SMILE.Syndrome.
- Airwing content.
- *re-mixx content.
- Firebrand content.
- Just Tonight content.
- New Featherdance layout.
- Personal site (buy new domain name!)

As you can see from my to-do list, I want to get a new domain for all of my personal sites, like 7doll (though ultimately I'd want to get this one it's own .com) and un-real.ity. It would probably be just another glorified directory, but I'm crazy about the name I have picked out. I would also like to split jinkaku.org up eventually, separating the music & culture/game/anime based subjects onto their own specific domains of which I have names picked out. I have enough fansites to do that, I'm sure x.x So I guess it would be like this:

jinkaku.org - music/j-culture
- SMILE.Syndrome
- Cyber Soda
- Harienju

secret name - anime domain
- Nephologic
- Glacial Doll
- Firebrand
- *re-mixx
- Hatsuharu project
- YYH/Hiei project

secret name - game domain
- Airwing
- Featherdance
- Just Tonight
- burn&rave
- Reticentia

secret name - personal domain
- Inorganique
- Fenetre
- 7doll
- un-real.ity

As usual I have unrealistic goals :) And has anyone noticed that the majority of my favorite characters have H names? Hitsugaya, Hibari, Hitachiin twins, Hiei, Hatsuharu, Hope Estheim. Seriously, so many H names = so many H subdomains! x.x
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jin.org + fanlistings + nephologic + layout archive

Hello my nubbins! And how are all of you lately? I'm here to mark my productivity! :D I made a new layout for jinkaku.org featuring my favorite musician of all time, Satoshi of girugamesh! :) I also made a new layout for Cyber Soda featuring an older image of Kaoru from Dir en grey :) Badassery is afoot.

I was approved for a couple of fanlistings since the last update :)

un-real.ity was updated accordingly with all of the new layouts, including the new ones I made for the Born and Wolfram von Bielefeld fanlistings.

As for actual content productivity, I did a shitload of work on Nephologic!! :D I just have four more sections to do in the Story Arcs. You know, the super in depth ones that will take forever xD So I did eight sections for the website and made 16 icons which can be found in the media section :)

Yaaaaay productivity!! :D
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Fanlistings + Layout Archive

Hey dudes! It's been a while. My productivity has declined as I suspected it would :( But I did spend a good portion of today uploading alllllll layouts since I think August to un-real.ity. That includes one Cyber Soda layout, two fansite layouts (Glacial Doll and one for my Hibari work-in-progress, Nephologic), and I think 17 fanlisting layouts. Yeah. So 20 layouts in all have been archived xD

These are my recent fanlisting approvals and adoptions :) In order of older to newer :)

Since I'm sick, I might spend some time making random additions for Hari or a new layout for jin.org. Dunno yet. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on stuff like that since I'm anxiously waiting to hear back about KHR!Mukuro, FFXIII-2 Noel, Yeul, and Noel x Hope x.x

-feebly noms on M&Ms-
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A boatload of updates and additions! :)

Oh dear Glob, this may take a while. Let's see, since my last update...

- Cyber Soda got a new layout featuring Lavi and Kanda since I'm an over-obsessed freak :) I'm still not sure how I feel about the layout but I'm too lazy to worry about it now :) I got quite a few fanlistings to add to the network! :D I was approved for some and the Urahara one was adopted to me. Its not finished yet because I'm waiting to receive the old members list, but I'll post it anyway :D In the order I got them:

I was also approved for the Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: de la Stella, Fuuta fanlisting which is currently in progress :) Also, Contrast, my Hatori x Ayame fanlisting is now affiliates with Three Musketeers :D

- Featherdance received a new affiliate! :D Welcome Godfather~

- jinkaku.org also has a new affiliate! :) We've been affiliates for a while, but I'm only now updating so here's a fancy button plug for the amazing Aku :D

And because I have no brain, here is a checklist for myself.
- work on that secret thing.
- work on Wild Card's basic and in depth content.
- work on Firebrand's content.
- update Harienju :x
- work on character analyses for SMILE.Syndrome.
- other things that I can't remember now because I have no brain at all.

I can't remember if there's anything else ;x
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Glacial Doll : new site again! :x

Hullo muffins <3 So uh, I was trying to work on my Ulquiorra fansite. And I saw there were a few already that were so amazing and I got discouraged 3: But on all of those lists, I didn't see a single Hitsugaya website! What the hell, nuggets!? I fucking love Hitsugaya, and I always thought by default he'd have a shit ton of fansites. But for some reason, I can't find any. So I made one! xD

I also got approved for a few more fanlistings :x

Now to continue marathoning Heroes. Like a pro bitches.